About Greg

Welcome! I'm Greg McGarvey, a visual artist and musician born in South Plainfield, New Jersey, USA on April 29, 1983. 

In both songwriting and visual art, I am perpetually excited about the challenge of creating a little world in which you can get lost in for a little while.

Just as I carry a notebook and a guitar with me most of the time, I always carry my favorite camera. Camera in hand, an otherwise mundane day can become sort of an artistic scavenger hunt. 

Naturally distractible, my camera helps me to slow down and relax into the moment, to search for beautiful things that I’d likely otherwise miss.

My shots are entirely unplanned, occurring spontaneously when inspiration strikes. I’ve worked with digital cameras, my iPhone, my plastic Holga camera, and a 35mm film camera gifted by a beloved aunt. 

While I sometimes utilize digital effects in post-production, I’ve increasingly found myself utilizing physical objects to bring a sense of dreaminess to the scene. Sunglasses, fractal lenses, strips of colored cellophane, old film negatives, glass candle lids. Anything to avoid taking a shot that is technically sound but void of feeling.

Having primarily lived in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and Central New Jersey, my work centers around the Delaware Valley. Other places that have yielded memorable works include New York City, New Orleans, Berlin, Germany, California’s coast, Asbury Park, North Carolina’s Outer Banks, Maine’s Monhegan Island, Pennsylvania’s abandoned town of Centralia, and Delaware Water Gap. 

My work has been included in several shows, the most notable of which are a group show called The Activity Of Form at Art Times Two gallery in Princeton, New Jersey, and A Few Moments with Marcella at Langhorne Coffee House in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The latter was a tribute to Marcella Di Sandro, a Bucks County artist who passed away due to cancer brought on by Fanconi anemia. The profits from this show, which centered around photos I took while traveling with Marcella, were donated to Fanconi Anemia Research Fund. 

With the release of my upcoming debut album, Count The Colors, a limited edition series of prints called Count The Colors Fine Art Series will be made available for purchase, as well as Count The Colors Postcard Series

In art, writing, music, and just about everything else, I strive to be in the moment, ready to experience something new and unexpected. 

“Just show up."